MEDIGLAD - Multifunctional Manual Patient Disabled Transfer Lift Chair - Patient Transfer to Bathroom, Wheelchair, Bed, Car - Weight Cap 300 lbs

  • $2,499.00





    • A safe and comfortable transfer-seat and body-lift, both for indoor and outdoor environment.
    • Lightweight, easy to carry, and aesthetic design.
    • Water-resistant stainless steel, chrome structure.
    • Removable parts for ease of transfer and positioning.
    • A special sling for use in bath.
    • Adjustable width.


    • With the easy manual lift option, No Need for a Battery Powered Lift.
    • Can pass through the doors in the house and No Need for an additional wheelchair.
    • Moreover, portable structure can easily be transported in to a car’s trunk. It can be with you not only at home, at a hotel, hospital or during your holiday vacation.
    • It can be divided into three parts and turns into a portable tool.
    • Easy and comfortable transfer and positioning with adjustable backrests.

    Medical Equipment Technology

    • Excellent Design
      Our products are designed by users demand and activities.
    • High Quality
      Our products are produced with a quality assurance system according to your needs.
    • Guaranteed Stainless Chrome Chassis
      The chrome chassis all parts produced from 304 quality stainless is an important detail for the user’s place of use. It is lighter than an iron material. It makes the companion’s control easier. It is hard to move a product made from iron. Also a product made from iron will have rust and mildew. Because of that it will cause complaints. For the damp and wet areas of bath and toilet, any other material from 304 stainless chrome shouldn’t be considered.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Why do I choose a manual push lift instead of an electric powered one?
      – Electric powered lifts are heavy, so they are hard to use in house and hard to disassemble to put away like in a trunk.
      – Electric powered lifts could be dangerous to use in bath or toilet.
    • Can I use it outdoor?
      – Our lift is designed with smaller wheels to be used on smooth surfaces. We recommend to use it indoor.
    • Can the wheel size and height of the lift be modified?
      – The product is designed to lift patients from a bed, car, etc. We don’t recommend modifying the wheel size or height of the lift because it may cause difficulties on use.
    • What should be the doors width to use this lift in the house?
      – The doors width should be 28 inches or more.
    • Can it be folded?
      – It can be disassembled to three pieces and can fit in a regular trunk.
      – Light weight materials makes it easy to push and put it away.
    • Does it irritate the patient’s skin?
      – Our product is made with antibacterial, liquid tight materials and does not irritate skin.
    • Does it get rusted?
      – No, it doesn’t, but for hygienic purposes we highly recommend you to clean it and dry it after using in the bath and toilet.
    • Can it be pushed through the door sills?
      – We recommend to use a ramp where the door sills or ramps are higher than 1.5 inches, or higher than one fourth of the wheel’s height.
    • What should I look when buying a manual transfer lift and who can use it?
      – Our lift’s carrying capacity is 300 lb. Please contact us for special manufacturing needs.
      – More than 300 lb persons must choose an electrical lift because it would be hard for a companion to push a heavy patient.
      – We recommend electrical lifts to prevent accident or injuries for persons over the 300 lb. Please be careful about cheaper products. We care about your health, but your companion’s health is also important to us.
    • Control of Upper Body
      – Patients must have full or partial control of his/her upper body, otherwise companion may not be able to use the product correctly and efficiently.
      – This lift is not a choice for patients who require intensive care.
    • Use in Bath and Toilet
      – Solving the bath and toilet problem is an important issue for patients and disabled people.
      Our lift is made with %100 stainless chrome materials.
      It provides a high comfort for bath and toilet use.